An ambitious experience that lives on in the hearts of the people of the web’s wild west.

See for yourself

Watch the conference recap video or the dramatic opening credits.

What was RealtimeConf?

“It’s not a conference. It’s a platform for imagination.” – Eran Hammer

RealtimeConf assembled the diverse developers and doers pushing forward the bleeding edge of the web. The &yet team put our whole crazy/creative/risky hearts into it, hoping to inspire our community to help bring open communication to the Open Web.

We used storytelling, theatre, music, and multisensory design to create something we’re tremendously proud of.

You can feel the love that went into this conference.

Martin Bosslet

The Novel

Something Greater Than Artifice

by Mike Speegle


A cyberpunk + fantasy + indie web allegory written by Mike Speegle and drawn from the philosophies of &yet.

The Music


by Ben Michel


Listen to the music of RealtimeConf performed by Ben Michel, Alana Henderson, and the Shine Children’s Chorus. Now complete with studio recordings.

Graphic Novel

Something Greater Than Artifice

illustrated by Jaime Robles


The complete Something Greater Than Artifice saga in serialized comic book form, illustrated by Jaime Robles.

This event has no boundaries.

Blanca Solar

There won’t be another RealtimeConf. So what’s next?

JS For Teams

What if there was an advanced JS training that had the same level of experience of RealtimeConf? That’s what we’re doing with JS for Teams Adventures. First up: It’s Aliiiive!

Details coming soon

Something Greater Than RealtimeConf

We poured our whole hearts into our last conference to create an unforgettable experience. Next time, we’ll aim higher. Want to hear about it first? Add your info:

Wasn’t expecting this level of artistry.

Emily Rose

Selected Videos

All videos are available on Vimeo →

Digital Feudalism

by Aral Balkan

WebRTC Data Black Magic

by Feross Aboukhadijeh


by Eran Hammer


by Jen Fong-Adwent

The Open Web and the Opportunity of Now

by Amber Case

Leadership and Open Source

by Isaac Schlueter

Mesmerizing, emotional, uplifting and exciting.

Stephen Huey